LSW National Honor Society

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NHS Individual Projects

What is an Individual Service Project?
  • All members are required to complete one Individual Service Project, which they design, organize, and execute during the school year. Individual Service Projects can be anything from a book, food or clothing drive for a local elementary school, organizing talks at middle schools about appropriate use of social media etc. The purpose is for members to complete a project in an area they are passionate about that helps to better serve our community.

Individual Service Project Requirements:
  • Prior to completing your project, you must submit an outline using the Individual Service Project form to be approved by the NHS Vice President and NHS Advisor.
  • You must complete all appropriate building-use/fundraising forms and return to Mr. Brady.
  • Upon completion of your project, you must document your experience using the Individual Service Project Completion form.
  • Individual projects may be completed with one other chapter member. However, any person taking on a project that is large in scope may be allowed to have a third partner in organizing the project, which will be determined on an individual basis by NHS Leadership.

Individual Service Project Suggestions:
  • Projects may be time-consuming, so make sure you pick a project that you are passionate about.
  • Start planning early, as it will always take more time to organize a project than you think.
  • Make sure you find a good way to publicize your event, both for other NHS members to serve at, and to those who you intend to serve.  
  • Think announcements, parent’s workplace, newspaper ad, posters, Hawk Talk, word of mouth, etc.
  • For project ideas, see LSW NHS website, and NHS handbook (can be found online).
  • Be sure to have fun with your project.  It is both a time to serve a need in the community and be creative.  Remember, a clever and well-executed service project is a great thing to have on your resume.

Individual Service Project FAQs:
Does the time spent working on my Individual Service Project count towards my 7.5 hours of service?
  • No, only working on other members' service projects earns service points. 
If I volunteer to help another member with their Individual Service Project does that time count towards my 7.5 hours of service?
  • Yes, volunteering for others' projects count as service hours, and is highly recommended if you want others to volunteer for your project.