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Chapter Meeting 4/30/21

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Final Meeting Info

  • Stolls are not yet ready to be picked up but we will notify via classroom when they are
  • You can borrow or purchase a stoll
  • Final meeting will be the week before school is out and will be an outdoor gathering
    • bring a lawn chair
    • we will be discussing future plans and celebrating the end of the year
  • Essays and Projects are due May 14th
    • there is an assignment in Google Classroom to turn in your essay
    • don't forget to attach a picture of your project
Service Hours
  • Service Hours are also due May 14th
  • If you need extra service hours, Grady will be doing garden clean up
    • contact Grady for details
  • Anna will also be doing one more faculty appreciation project after school on Wed. May 5th from 2:15-2:45
    • look for the sign up for that on Google Classroom
  • there will be no finals tutoring this term
  • last chances to get tutoring hours are floating tutoring on May 5th and 12th
  • contact Jenna or Tenley to get your total tutoring hours

3/24/21 Chapter Meeting

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  • Tuesday, April 6 we are holding a campus cleanup in lieu of a meeting
  • ACT Tutoring has started
    • Thrus 3/25 after school and Tues 3/30 before and after school
    • During Wednesday tutoring 3/31
    • Mon 4/5 before and after school
  • ISP essay requirements found in Classroom
  • Essays due May 7th
  • Let Anna know if you want to help with next faculty appreciation project and when you are available
  • Everyone needs to get the full 7.5 hours this term (no rollover)
  • There will be 4 meetings this term, so come to at least 2 to get your 50% attendance

Group Service 2/17/21

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In place of a chapter meeting we did a group service project, which was helping staff around the school by cleaning/organizing their stuff.

Thanks to all who donated clothes for Ava and Alie's ISP!

Current ISPs include Carson's hat and mitten drive (bins by the trophy cases) and Kate and Emma's softball equipment/ toy drive (bins by trophy cases)- please donate if you can!

Chapter Meeting 2/3/21

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  • Code of Conduct Review
  • Attendance
    • campus cleanup (shoutout Grady) acts as our meeting and will be considered in your 50% attendance
    • with approaching ISPs let me know if you would like me to include a shoutout in the minutes for tonight
  • Legacy Chair
    • Our next meeting, February 17, will be a Campus Cleanup! We will meet outside, and will work together to make our campus a cleaner and better place! You will hear more from us leading up to the meeting!
    • If you ordered a T-shirt, please give $12 to Mr. Brady and collect!
  • Group Bonding
    • Still not allowed to have bonding exercises outside of school :(
    • Mr. Brady and I are working to find alternatives!!
  • Service Points
    • Term 2: 167.25 hours completed in total!
    • ISP Service hours only count if you are helping with someone else’s ISP
      • Not working on your own ISP
      • Supervisor signature is the person you helped out
    • Term 3 requires the full 7.5 service hours
    • Tomorrow’s blood drive time slots are full!!!
  • ISPs
    • Remember ISPs and the work afterwards (essay) are due by May 1
    • Final instructions are found in Google Classroom
    • Use a document to do this work (ex. Google, Word)
    • Don’t forget to help with other ISPs
  • Tutoring
    • Thanks to everyone who has been at floating tutoring or signed up for a one on one!
    • As of now, we are planning for our first ACT prep session to be on February 16th and 18th.
    • Last term, in our school because of the tutoring program, we had 31 total tutoring hours!
    • Lastly, please remember to send Tenley or me a picture of you and your one on one with the time that you tutored so we can get your hours accurate!
  • Faculty Appreciation
    • Sign up will be uploaded to Google Classroom at 4:00 P.M. today asking for volunteers!
    • Tuesday, February 9th at 3:15 p.m.
    • We will be making valentines for Administration and the Office Secretaries!
    • REMINDER: If you participate any time through the end of the term, bring your service forms if you need a signature!!


1/22/21 Chapter Meeting

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  • Switching to Group Me for major communication in the future- let Ella or Ava know if you are not in the group
  • ISP proposals due
    • if you don’t have them, make sure to talk with Lars and have a plan
    • have a backup in case project falls through
  • Term 3 Schedule- only 3 meeting this term so need to come to ⅔ meetings
  • Term 2 hours for rollover due today
  • Group service project this month will be cleaning LSW campus- lookout for more details
  • Blood Drive!!
    • Feb. 4 (B-day)
    • recruit donors and put them in the google sheet
    • one service hour can be gained by donating blood
  • Shirt orders are submitted!
    • If you brought your money today please give it to Mr. Brady after the meeting
    • Those of you who bought shirts please bring $12 to Mr. Brady before or when you pick up your shirt
  • We’ve started floating tutoring and would love for people to come
  • Next wednesday, we will have posters to hang up around the school if you want to come and get hours by hanging them.
  • Sign up to be a one on one tutor if you are available to
  • Spread the word about floating tutoring and one on one’s
  • Lastly, from now until April we’ll be doing ACT prep sessions, we don’t have set dates but be watching for that!
  • This month we are showing the Science, Art, Business, FCS, and PE/Health departments our gratitude.
    • Thank you to everyone that signed up, if you were interested and didn’t fill out the form in time this month, watch for another opportunitynext month!
    • Shout out to the first group of volunteers! We made 38 packages that were delivered to 4 departments!!




NHS Meeting 12/9/20

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Service Hours

  • Hour Rollovers to Term 3
  • Get your service hour sheets turned in! (only have 3/33 people so far)
  • 6+ hours = 3 hours rollover
  • 4-5 hours = 2 hours rollover
  • 2-3 hours = 1 hour rollover
  • Cards for St. Elizabeths
  • General Holiday Designs
  • Personalize them and make them look good
  • See Service Points section of website for online volunteering opportunities


  • Proposal deadline is January 13th (next meeting).
  • Use break to contact people and think of project (I’ll still be available).
  • Do project by May 1st.
  • Since hours are rolled back, might be beneficial to do some 4th term.
  • We updated our 1 on 1 tutoring guidelines
  • Please continue to contact whoever you are tutoring until the end of the term and come to floating tutoring next week if you can
  • Thank you to everyone who was a 1 on 1 tutor and who came to floating tutoring this term
  • Please consider tutoring for third term and fill out the application if you are available
Faculty Apprec.
  • upcoming projects may include a sign-up sheet to help Anna put together the project
  • possible service points availalbe






Chapter Meeting 11/11

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  • LSW Blood Drive canceled :(
  • Chapter Contact sheet- put your phone in if you want- optional!!
  • see your google drive or check google classroom


Individual Service Projects

  • proposals due before winter break, ISP must be done by May 1
  • acceptable projects
  • food/book drive
  • crafts for community/teachers
  • picking up trash around campus
  • recording a caroling session for retirement homes
  • make a presentation about social media safety to share with middle schools
  • remote projects are acceptable
  • unacceptable projects
  • pet walk
  • in-person Christmas concert
  • elementary school outreach
  • anything that promotes trips in the community is off-limits
  • see Lars with questions


Legacy Chair

  • shoutout Lars, Kyra, Jenna, and Haley for helping clean the Legacy Garden
  • please fill out the form on google classroom for chapter t-shirt ideas


Service Hours

  • see the Service section of this website for updated volunteer opportunities
  • turn in sheets to Molly or Mr. Brady to get hours recorded



  • shoutout floating tutors & 1 on 1 tutors
  • remember to take a pic with your student to get hours recorded
  • We need tutors! Fill out the form on this website and have your other friends (do not have to be NHS members) fill out the form!
  • Floating tutoring sign-up sheet next Wednesday
  • help spread the word about floating tutoring to students/teachers



  • members must attend one meeting per month (out of 2)
  • updated meeting schedule
  • one meeting will be before school and the other after
  • after Thanksgiving we will try to schedule on A days
  • Let Ava or Mr. Brady know about absences


Faculty Appreciation

  • this month we thanked the World Language Department with some hand-turkeys!


Chapter Meeting 10/28

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Goals for the chapter:

  • everyone meets attendance and volunteering requirements
  • clear communication among the entire chapter
Attendance- 50% attendance is required (one meeting per month)
Contact Mr. Brady, Ella, or Ava if you have long-term conflicts

NHS Code of Conduct- Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character
  • Be honest and uphold academic integrity
  • We should all be positive role models in the LSW community
  • incidences of code violation will be reviewed by Mr. Brady
-see volunteering section of this website for details regarding requirments and opportunities

  • floating tutoring every Wednesday after school during PLC
  • 1 on 1 tutoring applications can be found on this website
  • encourage non-NHS members to apply to be a tutor as well!
Legacy Garden
  • Sat October 31!!!!
  • 8-10am in the legacy garden, bring a rake if you have one
  • Grady will provide bags
Faculty Appreciation
This month we recognized the English department for their "faBOOlous" work!

Chapter Meeting 10/31 and 11/1

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General Remenders:

  • 7.5 hours of service is required each term (no go po doubling up). The deadline this term is December 20th
  • Fill out a new tutoring form for term 2 availability
  • 50% attendance of NHS meeting is required. Since this term is shorter there is only 3 meetings and you are required to come to at least 2 of the 3 meetings
Service Opportunities
  • November 2 - STAC Think Pink
  • Jamboree and Food Blitz
  • November 14 - Blood Drive
  • November 23-25 - Starry Nights
  • November 28 - Turkey Trot
  • December 8-14 - Gifts of Love
Individual Service Projects Coming Up
  • Oct 21-Nov 1 Hawks for the Hungry by Lizzie and Kate at LSW
  • Oct 21-Nov 15 Winter Drive byJulia and Claire at LSW
  • Nov 4-8 Cafeteria Staff Appreciation Week by Kynsli, Sam, and Payton at LSW
  • Nov 14 Sending Love by Karissa and Brin at LSW*
  • Nov 17 Game on! by Katie W.
  • Nov 18-22 Winter Clothing Drive + sorting party by Sydney at LSW*
  • Nov 23 Holmes Trash-Tastic Clean-up by Kate and Katie T. at Holmes Lake*
(* means you can get volunteer hours at these events)

Fill out the google form for ideas on a chapter service project

Shirts Cost $10, please bring the money to Kylie or Mr. Brady by our next chapter meeting (November 14th and 15th)

Chapter Meeting 10/3 and 10/4

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Faculty Appreciation project

Service Project Forms due October 11th

Term 1 Service hours due October 16th 12:30pm

Group Bonding 10/12

Walk to End Alzheimer's 10/13