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Chapter Meeting 2/15

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Individual Service Projects: 

Kate and Anna: March 2, 1:00-5:00pm, tie blankets for the animal shelter to put on the bottom of the cages to keep the animals warm. They need volunteers!

Rebecca and Kaley: March 1, 6:00-8:00, Youth Complex at Lincoln Berean Church, Game night for youth venture's backpack project. Youth Venture's project gives school supplies to kids in India. Free Snacks, board games, escape room

Random Acts of Kindness Presentation from Anna

Box with cards that has a challenge that people could do. People would draw from the box and have to do the challenge. Cards would be things like picking up litter, stacking chairs, writing a thank you note, etc. 

Cancer Care Packages

Individual Serivce Hours are due March 1st

Craft- Math department

Calculator Craft

Minute to Win it

Officer Meeting 2/6

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Chapter Bonding - March 24th 1:00-3:00

Hope Venture/ Blood Bank? speaker

Cancer Care packages are due for next chapter meeting 

Math department has teacher craft for next chapter meeting 

Chapter Service Project- February 9, 12:00-3:00 @ LSW

Honors Convocation Thursday February 21

Make sure to get hours done- service hours are due March 1st. 

Anna Knopik- Random Acts of Kindness

Individual Service Projects- Make sure to get papers in to Graham. 

Kate, Anna, Celine, Rebecca, Kailey - present at next chapter meeting 

NHS tutoring for Scott- get dismissed from 4th block early to drive to Scott. Extra service hour opportunity

Game Minute to Win It

Officer Meeting 1/25

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Make sure craft ideas are thought of 

Present craft for next chapter meeting

Reschedule a term 3 chapter bonding event

Speakers? - Hope Venture, People's City Mission?

Game for next chapter meeting- minute to win it. 

Talk about cancer care packages for student council 

Individual service project presentations- Emma and Tianna, Nick and Christian

Yearbook photo is next chapter meeting

Bring T-shirts for yearbook photo

Prize for last chapter meeting's game

Chapter Meeting 1/18/19

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Individual Service Project Presentations: 

Make sure you take a photo, papers are due April 26, don't procrastinate

Jack and Ryan: Jan 20

Emma and Tianna: Feb 12

Kate and Anna: Feb 16

Taylor R: Mar 8

Teacher appreciation committees

each committee will come up with a craft for their designated department

Chapter bonding- Jan 20, 3-4 pm @ John Breslow Ice Hockey Center

$9 admission

Trivia Game 

Officer Meeting 1/11

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Recap of last semester 


Service Hours


Distribute at next chapter meeting

Take yearbook photo in t-shirts

Break into committees

Discuss craft/activities

Any ideas for agendas

Anna K- random acts of kindness

Term Dates are on whiteboard Vargas's room

Chapter Bonding is 1/20 

Chapter Meeting 12/14

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Started the chapter meeting with pictionary

T-shirt money is due

Abby/Esther- Holiday Carnival

cookie decorating, maze, snacks, games

7:00-9:00- come an hour before to set up

December 19, 2018 

Southwest Commons

Tien-Collected money from Tien's Church

She collected $1300 to make blankets to donate

Next, she will go out in the community and donate the blankets

Tutoring will reset since classes change

Tutors are needed!

Chapter Discussion

Officer Meeting 12/7

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Tutoring pairs and tutoring spreadsheet will be cleared for second semester 

Math tutors are needed!

Everyone has been doing well on service hours and individual service projects

$12.00 for a T-shirt

Money is due December 14th

What ways can officers open up meetings for chapter members to be more involved? 

games, competitions, riddles? 

Memorial Garden cleanup/ whole school cleanup is at 5:00pm 

Meet at the flag pole 

Service hours 

Chapter Meeting 11/30

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Due December 14, 2018- week before finals

Memorial Garden Cleanup/Whole school cleanup

Service Hours!


5:00-6:00 pm

Same day as chapter bonding which is 6:00-9:00

Regular Memorial Garden Cleanup

Week after next chapter meeting

Please Donate for Winter Clothing Drive!

Individual Service Project

Maddie and Violet

Hawktet Holiday Concert

Free Cookies 

Commons at Southwest

7:00 pm

Friday, December 14, 2018


Officer Meeting 11/16

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Put it on the attendance chart to see who wants one

Put in order forms before next officer meeting a

Attendance Update

Chloe - times on chapter members

Send out text reminders to specific people about meetings

Service Hours

Blayne’s Update

I’ll be able to fill in for him until he gets back (probably end of next week at the latest)

Memorial Garden Clean-Up

Maybe offer a one-time organized clean-up sometime rather than just the Tuesday for this term

Pretty cold and it would probably help just to do it once


Talk to some other clubs (STAC, STUCO, etc…maybe organize some type of fundraiser

Find an organization (Gifts of Love, Food Bank, etc…? Support new equipment for sports (Unified Bowling, Basketball, etc…?

Ask Mr. G or Mr. M about what we could do?

Think this would be a good thing that we could try to do if we aren’t in a terrible time crunc

Important Dates for This Term

Officer Meetings will be every other Friday before school, at 7:15

Chapter Meetings will be every other Friday morning as well at 7:30

Term 2 Service Event - November 27 (2:30 - 5:30) @ Clark Jeary

Term 2 Bonding Event - December 8 (6-9) @ SW 

Chapter Meeting 11/9

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Pockets can't be made because they are too expensive

Poll on google classroom- decide if you want a grey or blue t-shirt

Emma and Hannah service project: Stop The Bleed

Saturday, November 17th, 10:00am 

5201 Old Cheney Rd. (Citylight LIncoln South)

Priscilla and Aila service project: Inclusivity Week

A speaker is coming at the end of the week and activities will be done regarding inclusivity

Makayla and Averie

Boxes will be decorated with wrapping paper 

Posters were made 

Seasonal Service hours ideas were posted in google classroom

English Department craft