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February 17th Chapter Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on February 17, 2017 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Kahoot!

2. Honor Everyone Update (cancelled)

3. Tutoring info

ACT tutoring dates (ACT is 4/19)

Tuesdays during PLC in B101: 3/28  4/4  4/11  4/18  

4. Faculty Appreciation

5. Upcoming Service projects/opportunities

- Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thon 2/25 (Saturday)

- Need people to cover a 2hr shift (times below) to take pictures & sell raffle tickets

- At Parkway lanes AND Hollywood bowl 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

- Contact Katie Samson 402-467-1010 ext. 106

Next Chapter Meeting AND Service Hours Due: 3/3 @ 7:30

* Defy Gravity is 2/26 at 1:30pm

February 10th Officer Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on February 10, 2017 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Mr. Pedroza has Honor Convocation scripts and info

Honor’s convocation is Wednesday 2/15 at 8:15

You need to arrive in the main gym no later than 7:45 am

Tutoring/ACT tutoring

We need to remind people to sign up

Can I have the tutor-tutee spreadsheet please?

When/what are we thinking for ACT tutoring recruitment….lets get this on our calendar now :)

ACT dates (4/19)





Faculty appreciation for next meeting


What is the chapter doing?

Service hour opportunity

Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon

Saturday, February 25th We are looking for volunteers to sell raffle tickets during their selected shift, as well as take photos of the teams bowling. We have shifts at both Parkway Lanes and Hollywood Bowl at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm that all last about 2 hours.

Contact Katie Samson

Katie Samson | Events Coordinator

Office - 402-467-1010 ext. 106

285 S 68th Place | Suite 430 | Lincoln, NE 68510


Upcoming individual service projects….let’s ask if anyone needs help or volunteers

Honor everyone has been cancelled

Defy gravity reminder

Anybody else have money?

Make meeting agenda

Intro activity….Kahoot

Honor Everyone info

Tutoring info

Faculty appreciation


Next Officer Meeting: 2/24/17

Next Chapter Meeting: 2/17/17

Service hours due: 3/3/17


February 3rd Chapter Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on February 3, 2017 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Kahoot!

2. Upcoming service projects/opportunities

- Contact Sarah with pictures (402) - 570 - 7873

3. Defy Gravity and HOnor Everyone reminders

- ($12-15 depending on if you need socks/wristbands)

4. Faculty appreciation poster

T-shirt orders are due to Samantha Today or to Duba by 2-7: $12 per shirt

Service Hour Opportunity

- Adams Elementary Science Fair Judges Needed

- When: Thursday 2/23 6:15-8:15 pm

- If interested contact Jodi at [email protected]

December 27th Officer Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on February 3, 2017 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

T-shirt update

Samantha is taking care of t-shirts. Her OR I can collect your money/t-shirt size. Money will be due by our next chapter meeting.

Shirts are 12$...we will collect cash or checks made out to Donna Rau

Fundraising update

Chipotle fundraiser will be 3/8/17

Tutoring/ACT tutoring

Anything new here?

When/what are we thinking for ACT tutoring recruitment….lets get this on our calendar now :)

ACT dates (4/19)





Faculty appreciation for next meeting

Math teachers, signing poster….anything else Cristal?

Upcoming individual service projects….let’s ask if anyone needs help or volunteers

2/4 Southwest Showdown-- Jordan and Rachel

2/10 Valentine’s love--Cristal, Grace and Joelle

2/18 Softball Kiddie Camp-- Abby and Jaclin

2/21 Honor Everyone Banquet--Brett and Aden

Honor everyone….anything the chapter needs an update on?

Make meeting agenda (I will be absent again this meeting….I’ll be at a calendar meeting with admin setting NHS dates for next year)

Intro activity….Kahoot with Cristal’s computer...or someone’s that fits :)

Service Projects/opportunities?

Include Sarah’s contact info

Defy gravity and Honor everyone quick reminder….can pay early if want to

Faculty appreciation poster


Next Officer Meeting: 2/10/17

**Mr. Pedroza will be coming with Honor’s convocation scripts

Next Chapter Meeting: 2/3/17


December 16th Chapter Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on January 2, 2017 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

1. T-shirt Designs Vote

2. Chipotle Fundraiser 

- What day in Jan.?

3. Honor Everyone Update 

- This is the big chapter service project for Term 3 so put it on your calendars

- 2/21 at 6 pm at Embassy Suites

4. Term 3 Chapter Bonding Event ideas

5. Next Meeting is 1/20/17 at 7:30 am

December 9th Officer Meeting Agenda

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Attendance reminders

Officer Attendance Guidelines

· 60 minutes of cumulated unexcused meeting time/term = probation*

· 90 minutes of cumulated unexcused meeting time/term = dismissal as officer

*Probation= 2.5 extra service hours in addition to the required 7.5 hours/term. Officers are only allowed to be on probation once during their senior year. Unexcused meeting time that would result in an additional probationary period will instead result in dismissal as an NHS officer.

***All excused school absences (illness called in by parent, sporting events, or academic competitions) need to be communicated to Ms. Duba as soon as possible so that excused vs. unexcused meeting time can be properly recorded by the secretary (Matt).


T-shirt ideas

Last week we asked members to submit ideas at our upcoming meeting. If you have ideas please submit them as well. We will vote on a t-shirt design at our next chapter meeting on 12/16. The final design needs to be approved by both Ms. Duba AND administration prior to t-shirts being made and ordered. (We will not order until the start of 2nd semester.)

Fundraiser update?

Check with chapter to see when a good date would be

Finals day?

Chapter bonding event for 2nd semester? Open ideas up to group at next meeting like we did last time?

Ice skating

Defy gravity

Escape room

Update on Honor Everyone Banquet… there anything we can do as a chapter to help?

February 21st at Embassy Suites 6:00pm

Currently fundraising

See Aden if you have connections in the community with nonprofits that help families in need

Individual officer meetings with Duba…..please see me to schedule a time and day BEFORE the 1/13/17 officer meeting (will last about 15 min)

Chapter meeting agenda

End of term celebration

Harrison brings plates, napkins etc.

Matthew brings cups

Sarah Juice

Katie cookies

Zach donuts

Duba donuts

Jackson donuts

Jonah milk

Cristal juice

Aden cuties

T-shirt vote

Chipotle fundraiser update

Honor everyone update

Term 3 bonding event ideas




**Important upcoming reminders**

Next chapter meeting: 12/16/16

Term 2 service hours due: 12/16/16

Next officer meeting: 1/13/17 at 7:30 in B101

First NHS chapter meeting of Term 3: 1/20/17


November 18th Officer Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on December 5, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)
1. Christmas tree decorating a. Has been moved to Tuesday 11/29 after school at 3pm at Clark Jeary i. The lady will be out of town on Monday now and had to move days on us ii. Go to the front desk and ask for Beth. They will take you to the right area b. Please remind all NHS members! I will post a reminder on google classroom 2. Raising Cane???s results???.. :( a. Harrison is going to set up another fundraiser night for us. Date and location TBD??? b. How can we better promote and recruit this? 3. NHS t-shirts a. Harrison will talk to the chapter about interest and designs???...members can submit ideas/designs and the chapter can vote 4. Faculty Appreciation a. Can we do something at our next chapter meeting with the group? 5. ACT Tutoring a. Nov 22nd English, Nov 29th Math, Dec 6th Science and Reading 6. Upcoming Individual Service Projects a. What is coming up? Do groups need help promoting or with volunteers? 7. Sock drive a. Who can pick up boxes today after school? 8. Other items for the good of the cause? a. Honor everyone meeting in B101 at 7:40 9. Chapter meeting agenda a. Sock drive reflection/service project reflection and reminders of the purpose of NHS b. Harrison and chapter t-shirts/fundraiser results c. Reminder to turn in service hours d. Katie-campus clean up info e. Faculty appreciation for group

November 11th Chapter Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on November 18, 2016 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)
1. Opening Game 2. Campus Clean-up 3. ACT Tutoring dates and volunteers 4. Regular Tutoring 5. Christmas Tree Decorating at Clark Jeary... no decided day 6. Hnor Everyone - 2/21 at the Embassy 7. Sock Drive Posters and Boxes - ends the 21st

November 4th Officer Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on November 7, 2016 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Raising Cane’s Fundraiser 11/8/16 from 5-8pm

a. Who is going to go to the restaurant that night and politely remind people to say that they are with LSW NHS at the register?

b. Aden and Harrison will be there until 7ish

2. Sock Drive Boxes and Wrapping Paper

a. We need to make a list of names including who is specifically bringing what. I’d like to have these materials brought to school by Tuesday so that we know for sure we have everything here and ready to go by our next chapter meeting

i. Zach: wrapping paper

ii. Harrison, Katie and Matthew: 2-3 boxes each

iii. Jackson and Jonah: wrapping paper

3. Service hour opportunities

a. Honor everyone committee will start in 2 weeks (Aden will have an exact time and day of these by our next chapter meeting)

4. ACT tutoring again

a. Will come to next officer meeting with dates for prep on the Dec ACT

5. Christmas tree decorating update

a. Clark Jeary Retirement Home…..last week of November or first week of December…..What day works best for everybody?

i. Chapter vote on 11/28 or 11/29 after school

6. Make agenda for next chapter meeting

a. Opening game

b. Campus clean up sign up sheet

c. ACT tutoring dates and request for volunteers

e. Another reminder to sign up for tutoring

d. Christmas tree decoration vote

e. Honor everyone

f. Sock drive boxes



Important Dates:

Chapter meeting: 11/11/16 at 7:30am in B101

Next Officer meeting: 11/18/16 at 7:30am in B101

Term 2 service hours due: Friday 12/16 at 3:15pm

October 28th Chapter Meeting

Posted by freshta90 on November 4, 2016 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Humn Knot

2. Total Service Hours Term -1 

3. Term 2 Service Opportunities

i  Blood Drive (11/3)

ii. Trick or Treat events (ex. food bank)

iii. Clark Jeary Retirement Center

- need two people to help with various activities in memory care center

iv. Olson Associates

- need help with family Halloween even TONIGHT from 5-7 pm

- Help run game and pass out candy


vi. Campus clean-ups

vii. Tutoring

- Must re-sign up to renew your availability

4. Raising Cane's Fundraiser 11/8 from 5-8 pm

5. Faculty Appreciation

6. Sock Drive for Matt Talbot's 11/4 - 11/22

i. Please start promoting this in your classes